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M. Chris Johnson born to Jaunita Renee Smith Mitchell & Marvin Bobby Johnson of Thomasville Ga in 1979.The youngest brother out of the 2 on the mother’s side and the only child on the  dad’s side. Chris finished Thomasville high school in 1997. When he went on to college at Florida A&M university and achieve his bachelors in business management in 2007. Chris always had and  intrest in cars through out his  young adult  Years when he worked as being a tire tech in tallahassee florida at discount tires. After a year  of working on tires he went to don olsen which is now tires plus from 1999 til 2004. Then other  jobs  in the  same field basically went from being a tire tech to a mechanic. Chris comes  from a family of disc jockeys to  where he never had no type of intrest to take  part of  any type of music playing in front of a crowd until 2014. Chris fb( social media) started really grasping hearts and quickly gained intrest of  his followers in (2007) to where they supported him in every thing he did.  So by the  time 2014 came he  had done well established a following. On june  2014. He was joking on social media where he uploaded a video of him playing music on his computer. A fb friend told  him in the comment section that she wanted him to play for her at an event she was having. Even though he took it as a joke he replying in a jokey way of saying.” Ok now look for brokedowndjs  featuring djsmackdaddy lol” little that he knew i was a catchy name for both( brand and name) The Brokedown DJs definition was  and indication that the djs was broke. And  the dj name smackdaddy was short for his nickname smack( from birth) that his father named him. He showed up to her party with 2 house speakers,2 laptops,one mixer,one amp& no mic. He played using widows media player and  faded music going back and forth and surprisingly moving a crowd. Where he got paid and did a couple more after to where he felt he was a dj but had no idea for the real dj world. He then moved to orange park florida in 2016 to where he went to moncrief liquor lounge to work as a dj in jacksonville fla and later updated his dj software( virtual djs).  As he started growning and networking he followed DJ Bernard B.  And was quickly  inspired by DJ Bernard’s progression as a dj and many other  trades that bernard has. He reached out to Bernard B ( southernlistic radio) and  after  4 months  Bernard  watching the way Chris Johnson carried himself ,the music he plays,his dj skills & how  Chris network he then extended his hand to network back to chris. They quickly growed and has done many events over the  2 years they met. And now here today chris was very well eligible and proud to be a member of southernlistic music group.