Note: Thank you for Only wearing NEARLY NEW or EXTRA CLEAN footwear if opt wear white sneakers
Look good, People!! Our events are Urban Chic and “Dressy Casual”  (not too casual–smile)  Please DRESS it UP…Don’t dress “downLook good, People!! Our events are Urban Chic and “Dressy Casual”  (not too casual–smile)

  • Dress it UP…do not dress “down”
  • Full length, stylish jeans & denim are OK
  • Fashionable Sneakers are OK —- must be new/clean (we love and welcome OLD SCHOOL models)
  • No flip-flops (for safety reasons—thank you)
  • No baseball caps (ZERO—LEAVE THEM AT HOME!!)
  • No headwear
  • No athletic attire
  • No warm-up suits, No track suits
  • No biker gear
  • No sports jerseys
  • No hoodies No tank tops
  • No overly-exposed attire (women and men)
  • No cargo shorts
  • No denim/jean shorts  — No negotiations — No Joke — 

BEFORE you purchase a ticket, please be VERY AWARE of our DRESS CODE: We reserve the right to deny entrance to any person (if warranted, we will happily replace your tickets or issue an immediate refund).  Women must dress appropriately and not be over-exposed. Men must comply as well.   For all attendees: no sportswear (applies to men & women). In general, please DRESS UP…do NOT “dress down” at ROS Events.   IF you have doubts or have to question your attire, PLEASE OPT TO WEAR SOMETHING ELSE. You have been advised & WARNED (we really don’t want you to be embarrassed at the door—smile).
Must be 21 years of age or older. (valid ID required by all persons at the door upon entry)

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